A Bursary or a Scholarship?

July 19th, 2013

Being a student should be a fun and exciting experience, a period in everyone’s life when they learn new skills, build trust and become a grown-up. Still, sometimes you need to get money for your studies and this becomes a tricky thing. When applying for a financial aid you should know what exactly to ask for and especially what you need.

A bursary is offered based on the financial needs of a student. If you wish to apply for a bursary, you need to provide a financial a financial disclosure form. Applicants must meet different requirements in order to get bursaries. Optional activities such as volunteering are taken into consideration to receive a bursary. The money is non-refundable but you have to pay back a percentage of the bursaries received in the academic year if you discontinue that extra activity.

Bursaries are provided by organizations like charities or churches. There are two types of bursaries, one is mean-tested bursary (offered for students whose parents earn less than a particular amount) and another is based on the performance of a student, which is scholarship.

Scholarships are offered according to the academic excellence. Grades are taken into consideration and counted when applying for a scholarship. Extracurricular activities are also taken into consideration for obtaining scholarships. Mainly, you need to provide a CV and grades when applying for it. It is also the situation in which students are automatically eligible for scholarships when they apply for admission.

Our best advice is that before you apply for a bursary or scholarship, to learn about the institution’s policies. Even though it can be a stressful and difficult process, in the end it will all worth the bother. Think everything through (you can also get advice from parents and close friends in the same situation) and get the best decision for you. After all, it’s your future career and life that it is laid ahead and you need to take the best decision possible.

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