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September 3rd, 2013

In some ways applying for a scholarship is similar to applying for a job. You need something like a resume and you need to prove that you are good enough and that you deserve the job. This application process prepares you for later in your life when you will need to find a good job. And just like then, there are things that can make or break your application and that can improve your chances.

One thing is to not wait until you are desperate. That is until the last moment when you do not have enough time and you are under pressure. That is a big no. Search for scholarships early on bulletin boards, online and at the financial aid offices.

Apply to more than one scholarship and get a little organized. Have a checklist and make sure that you don’t miss the deadline. It is better to be one of the first to apply than one of the lasts.

Write and excellent essay that you can personalize a little. Let it show that you are a passionate human being and that you are ambitious. It is a good idea to write about things that interest you. Give examples of what you have achieved so far and how you managed to do that. Give examples of your motivations. Ask someone else to look at your essay when you finish it also and proofread it.

Be careful about the contact info that you leave on the forms. Insert a professional email, the type that has your email and it is on Gmail rather than on other dubious servers. It might be good to set the privacy of your Facebook account or delete content that you wouldn`t want the commission to see.

And take care to submit and mail the application correctly. Make a copy of all the documents that you are sending and request a receipt confirmation so you make sure that the letter hasn`t got lost somewhere. Stand-by in case they need any further info from you. Sometimes they might need another document or something like that and you need to send it fast. Follow these tips and you will surely get a scholarship or grant.

September 3rd, 2013

If you are just starting on the road of gathering info about grants and scholarships you are probably bombarded with a lot of different info or you just don`t know where to start. Everybody used to be in this spot so you will easily find someone to advise you and that is just what you should do, find people that know better, who have experience and who can advise you on what you could do to get a grant or scholarship.

One way to find people that know a thing or two about bursaries and grants is by going to student forums and asking questions about the issue that troubles you and reading about the experience of others. Don`t be afraid to contact users that seem to know more and ask for specific advice. As long as you will stick to the specific questions you will get help from most people.

One other option is to use Academic Counselor`s services. Every college has one and he can give you advice based on the results you have got so far. Counselors can describe what each college is like and what they are looking for in students that apply for grants. They are a good source of information, but you need to provide excellent info about what you are looking for, what your financial background is and what are your best results. You can even talk to them about the theme that you are thinking of approaching in your application essay.

If you want more info go directly at the University that you want to apply to and seek the advice of the counselors there. Tell a bit about your background and ask them for information about the policies of the University regarding people who apply for funding. They should be able to give you excellent, up to date info and it is a free kind of help.

Don`t forget that no matter how much advice you ask for much of the process is in your hands. A lot of students get grants without any kind of help because they do their research well and create excellent documentation. The best tactic is to combine great research with a healthy amount of help from other people.

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