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September 18th, 2014

Finland is famous for its greenery and its beautiful nature, so it’s not a surprise that one of the main interests in science there is how to keep their environment as it is, which requires more and more scientist to study the changes. This can be one opportunity for you to enrich your carrier with the benefit of getting paid while you finish your PhD.

University of Helsinki is offering two doctoral positions for international students. For the applicants is required to hold a second-cycle degree and to have approved proposal for research. The monthly salary for the position is between €2022 and €2970 depending on the qualifications of the candidate and their work experience. The position is available from 26th of August and you can apply till 30th of September 2014 (the application call will be opened on 1st of September). If you get approved, you will be required to go through four months probation period.

You can choose among fifteen research topics like Aerosol and environmental physics, Air quality, Dynamic meteorology, Hydrology, Oceanography and ten more. Except the second-cycle degree and the approved proposal, the other requirements that you should meet are to have motivation and ability to pursue doctoral degree and postgraduate studies according to the research proposal and study plan, this qualities should have been demonstrated in the previous degree studies. Also proficiency in English language is required and you must have the right to pursue doctoral degree by 1st of January 2015.

The scholarship itself is based on the job requirement scheme and the salary system of Finland for teaching and research personnel levels 2 to 4. Additionally to the appointees will be paid salary components based on their work performance.

If you think this is your future for the next 1 to 4 years you can apply electronically by filling a form on http://blogs.helsinki.fi/atm-dp/applying-doctoral-student-postitions-2014/ from 1st till 30th of September 16:00 EEST (UTC/GMT +3 hours). Application must be in Finish, Swedish or English languages and you should also provide (along with the filled form) list of publications (if applicable); curriculum vitae and initial research plan (of maximum 4 pages). If you are not currently a student of the university you should provide also motivation letter (1 page), scanned MSc certificate and transcript of records incl. all passed course units with their completion date and the credits and grades awarded. In addition a letter of recommendation from your supervisor of MSc/PhD studies is required; the form for this letter will be available on the page with the application form.

September 17th, 2014

Borlaug Global Research Alliance Fellowships is welcoming applicants from Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Peru, Vietnam, Panama and Philippines. Requirements are that you should be maximum in the middle stage of your carrier and to have minimum experience of two years in the field. Approved candidates will have 12 weeks to research climate change migrations with a mentor from US university or from USDA’s Agricultural Research Service. You can apply till October 31st, 2014. After the end of the 12 weeks the mentor will visit the

What is expected from you?

During the program you will be expected to develop:

  • carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas assessments;
  • methods for estimating or measuring greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture;
  • methods for estimating or measuring carbon sequestration in soils;
  • software for reporting and quantifying of emissions according to Framework Convention on Climate Change of the United Nations;

Other tasks:

  • Identifying strategies for agricultural management that will lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
  • To develop application models of experimental data in tools, supporting decision taking;
  • To develop strategies and databases for integration, synthesis and decision supporting for managing carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural systems;
  • Assembling of databases to identify methods for increasing of carbon sequestration and reducing of emissions of greenhouse gas in agriculture;
  • Developing process models which will be used as foundation to project sequestration and emissions for tools for decision support and in agricultural systems;

To apply and be considered for this fellowship you must be citizen of one of the twelve eligible countries; to have fluency in English; to have Master’s or higher degree; to be maximum in the middle stage of your career (2 years of experience are a must); to work in a government agency, university or research entity in your own country and to have intention to continue the work in your homeland after you complete the fellowship.

Selection criteria:

  1. professional and academic research achievements and interests
  2. leadership potential;
  3. scientific competence level;
  4. how likely is for the candidate to bring back new ideas to their institution;
  5. aptitude for scientific research;
  6. aptitude for success and flexibility in a cross-cultural environment
  7. how relevant is the applicant’s research area to the topics highlighted in the announcement and to global food trade and security.

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