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November 21st, 2016

The relatively high cost of education around the world is a huge impediment to finishing education. As countries are typically categorized as first world, second world, and third world countries, the surging cost of education is more felt in third world countries. Education plays a significant factor in every country. The more educated the citizens of a country are, the more successful that country will be.

Governments have recognized the value of education such that much of a country’s budget is allocated for education. Education undeniably impacts the growth of any country. With a college degree, a person opens himself to greater opportunities to a job that can provide security and higher income to support himself and his family. Education endows an individual with key know-hows to survive in this globally competitive world, enhance his talents, and make a career for himself. Finishing a degree enables one to accomplish great feats and be a better version of him. Education is thus, empowerment! With an empowered citizenry, any nation can succeed.

The high cost of education in many countries is mitigated by government subsidies in the form of scholarships or scholarship programs. Scholarships are government’s way of providing money for college for its citizens. These scholarship grants are so vital because it levels the playing field for those who cannot afford to the pay the cost of education. One could just imagine what happens if one deserving individual is denied the opportunity for education? What happens if you do not send an exceptionally talented or genius child to school? What if you deny the brilliant minds their education? How many talented lives have you wasted? Will it be hundreds, or few thousands or perhaps millions?

Now, let us analyse what if you send these talented and geniuses to school, and they finish a degree, land the jobs of their dreams and earn a decent living. How much can they contribute to the economy and to the whole country? What type of inventions, innovations, technology and advancements can they craft that will make life more beautiful for each and every one? A lot is lost if we do not support education. All countries know this. Thus, they offer money for college in the form of scholarship programs. Otherwise, they will run the risk of having illiterate population who cannot endure in an economically and internationally competitive environment. In Australia, for example, one program which offers money for college education is the Australia Awards. This is an extensive scholarship program offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and Australia’s Department of Education. This program is open internationally.

A Scholarship program is an indispensable tool to help people get access to education. Every government which offers scholarships must be commended for investing in the future of its populace.

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