Scholarships You Should Know About Dedicated to Women

September 14th, 2016

These 3 international scholarships are only for the female gender. To provide a unique experience abroad, here is the short list of possibilities for female students.

Society of Women Engineers 

If you have already decided on engineering as the degree of your choice, look no further. The SWE instigates the ABET accredited graduate (Bachelor) individual programs for a woman geared towards computer science and engineering technology. While engineering schooling is scarce for women, this is an excellent program equipped with the developmental tools to educate within the highest accredited degree.

Before submitting and clicking on the application button, SWE have a video for you to watch before hand. The video allows the student to check in to see if they in fact would be eligible to proceed with the application process.

Here is the link to the application page: Application Procedure Scroll down to the How to Apply for a SWE Scholarship – Part 1 drop down menu. From there you will be guided towards filling out the application.

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CLS Program (The Critical Language Scholarship Fund) 

The CLS Scholarship insists to improve the advancement of individuals going abroad to learn various languages. By doing so, the CLS program promotes the use of multiple languages to connect their students to the rest of the world.

When it comes to applying the program requires a number of various background qualifications and the dedication to speak different languages other than your native tongue at the highest registered point. Now this one is available to U.S. applicants so far, however as the growth of CLS improves, going international is a short amount away. Keep your eye on this one for any updates regarding international students.


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MMEG Margaret McNamara Education Grant 

Dedication is the heart and soul of the MMEG organization. By empowering women with the right educational background, this grant and scholarship is awarded to women in developing countries. Looking towards the future and communities that benefit from the female gender being educated and sent to the best universities within the United States.

 For over 35 years the remarkable amount of graduates who went on to accomplish and change the world for the better is a staggering number! From local nurses to scientists looking to improve developing nations around the globe. The MMEG has to the be the number one recommended grant/scholarship for any woman wanting to change the grounds on which she was born upon.

Many of their graduates have gone into the medical field, researching and inventing new medicines based around HIV/Aids and even working on the front lines within the reaches of war based countries.

So what would be a few of the requirements towards applying. One big requirement is that you must be 25 when the deadline approaches for the application. Must be a native to one of the countries listed here: List of Countries for Eligbility

And the individual must be already enrolled to a school/college or university before applying. Women from the US and Canada can apply as well, there is however a separate section for these applicants.


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