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September 20th, 2016

AIA/AAF Minority Disadvantaged Scholarship Program 

Since architecture programs are one of the hardest to come by, especially for their financial requirements. The AIA/AAF push the idea of low-income students being able to achieve a professional degree within architecture design. Eligibility comes down to whether or not you are a minority or have a financially disadvantage background status. Yet another added requirement is that you must be a native of the United States, as of right now this is not open to international students. However, that could change with time.

The AIA/AAF is open to high school students as well as individuals in their first year of college. Whether your schooling is from a college, technical or community college…either of those possibilities will be acceptable.


Jason Pettigrew ARE Award 

Here is a program that ideal scouts out the intern who has  solved foundation when it comes to architectural design. By actively seeking out current and graduated students, the Jason Pettigrew ARE Award acknowledges the hard work and time spent on working towards a prestigious degree. Once spotted for the ARE Award it is the goal of the organization to fully help with the cost of the licensure exam.

Now the Jason Pettigrew ARE Award does not look at low-income or high-income boundaries. Their main focus is the effort the individual has contributed and worked towards within the architectural world.

If you know an individual who has worked diligently without complaint and intends to work even further within the field of architecture. This is a must need advancement of notification as well as an added awarded which will help with the enormous cost that some of these exams can be.


ACI Graduate Scholarship Program 

The ACI Graduate Program picks out five individuals per year to receive a $3,000 accredited amount towards their first year as an architectural graduate. However, even an amount up to $5,000 could be awarded. If you are just now reading this, the deadline for the ACI Program is October 16, 2016.

Luckily right on the website you can sign up for a newsletter directed solely at the particular scholarship you are interested in and the deadline information. Click here to sign up: Sign up for the full scholarship deadline information

Since architecture is a known business for costing a substantial amount, long hours and building a foundation of clients via a networking system; being a reliant and dedicated architectural student is a must. If that did not resonate at all then skip this program, this is for the hardworking individual indebted to a career in which they are aiming high within the upcoming world of architecture entrepreneurs.

With these 3 possibilities within the architecture area, programs as such are hard to come by. With many based in law, science and math…finding a sole balance with architecture can be challenging. Hopefully this small list can point any architecture student in the correct direction in which they should pursue. Check on fastweb.com for more information about which universities could be handing out architecture based scholarships.


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