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December 5th, 2013

It`s not too late to get a scholarship. As you know, the most important thing is to know where to apply and what the requirements are for the particular scholarship or bursary that you are after. The rest is a breeze, especially as we give a lot of advice on our blog.

And here`s the good news.

We`ve updated the list of scholarships and bursaries offered by several universities, foundations and companies. We are confident that your chances of getting a bursary or a scholarship will quadruple just by using this list.

You can check it out by following these simple steps here. Make sure you check it out as soon as possible as we will not leave it online for long. Moreover, we are sending this email to our complete list of subscribers so the faster you get the list and start applying the better.

Increase your chances of a debt-free future by applying to the right scholarships. Start with this great list and the resources we offer on our website.

Good Luck!

Here is the scholarships list:

1) http://www.chemheritage.org/research/beckman-center/beckman-center-fellowships/long-term-fellowships.aspx

2) http://www.nuigalway.ie/hardiman-scholarships/

3) http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/internationalstudents/scholarshipsfeesfinance/scholarships/scholarshipdetails/research-dean-engineering.aspx

4) http://www.uclouvain.be/398682.html

5) http://www.osce-academy.net/en/masters/politics-and-security/prospectivestudents/callMA/

P.S. Remember that the list will not be online for long. Use it right now to make sure you get ahead.

October 11th, 2013

You might think that in order for someone to give you money for school you need to have the best results in school and at tests. This is the general opinion of what a scholarship means and it is partly right. Students do get financial help if they prove they are exceptional in a field, but the level of that mastery is oftentimes relative and there is another way, the bursary.

If you are worried about how you are going to pay for your tuition fee you are probably eligible for a bursary. This is a sum of money that is offered not merit-based, but means-tested. This means that you will need to prove that you parents earn a combined income that is under a set threshold and you will get the money you need for school without needing to repay it ever again. But this does not mean that you cannot also get a scholarship, you can get both. They do not exclude one another so the best way is to go for both as that way you will able to pay for your studies in full and still have some money for an occasional pizza.

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to people that are truly talented and who, otherwise, for the lack of money, may slip through the cracks and never get noticed. Very smart people don`t always come from the right socio-economic background and it is not their fault, they need to be helped and often are. Scholarships are a gain to everyone as everybody gains from talent that is not wasted and instead used for something good.

Some organizations measure merit in a more conventional way and offer the money based on the results to conventional tests while others offer them based on the exceptional talent or potential discovered in some fine arts. There are also plenty of contests that you can participate in in order to get a scholarship and you can apply with one of your works or take part in actual contests.

The bottom line is that you could go for both types of financial aids. You should apply for a bursary and at the same time see what scholarships are a right fit for you and how you can apply successfully for them. Trying in several places will mean success in at least one.

October 9th, 2013

There`s good news for those who are good in school or even on the field, but are not necessarily overachievers. You can still get a scholarship of some kind if you can get into a college. The best way to do this is to apply to individual-based programs. They are designed to funnel the students into a chosen career path and help you get specialized.

The way these scholarships work is that you will receive financial support to become a dentist, a nurse, a doctor or something like that, but you will have to agree to enter a service obligation after you finished the training. This usually means that you will need to work for a period between two and five years in a field where there is a shortage of workers. This might mean that you will need to work in rural areas or fields that are not so glamorous or money making, but at least you will have a salary, you will get some experience and you will not have a huge sum of money to pay after you finish school.

These opportunities are not only for the doctors, you can get the same deal for the Army, Navy and Air Force, education and other field.

You can also get scholarships for having a certain religion, or based on ancestry. Chinese, Danish, Japanese or Italian descents can get a scholarship. Some of the scholarships are even a bit odd, but there are plenty of organizations that are willing to support youngsters in their educational progress. Now, don`t expect huge sums of money, but you can get between $500 and $10,000 and if you add up a few of these scholarships you will be able to pay at least part of your tuition fees.

To find these scholarships reach out to companies or organizations in your local region or in the region you are going to study in. It is not unusual for them to receive requests and probably that is why they thought about offering them. Some are offering scholarship based on nothing more than a simple or creative answer to a question. There are all sorts of possibilities out there.

October 7th, 2013

Being good at something, almost anything, is highly revered in the higher education institutions and sports are among the praised and rewarded skills. Athletes are supported in their study and can receive important sums to fund their studies. But the system is a bit different.

While in the case of individual scholarships you get the money from different sources in the case of athletic scholarships the money comes almost exclusively directly from the schools` athletic department. Each school sets aside a set amount of money in order to attract very good athletes. And if you think you can only be a football player in order to get this type of grant, think again.

There are athletic grants for almost all sports. You can even get a grant for water polo, cricket or gold. There are also grants for weight lifting and similar sports. If you are good at a sport and passionate about it, you can apply for a grant.

The reason for such a high appreciation of sports might be that you need a lot of discipline and motivation to become an athlete. It is hard work and Universities want students who will work hard and who will eventually make a name for themselves and promote the institution later on.

In the United States there are three divisions of universities. The first division offers the highest sums, but demands a lot of effort and commitment, Division II schools demand less effort, but also offer less money and Division III schools hardly ever give money away, so you need to find out in which division the school you are interested is in. It is still important to know that every year more than 125,000 students get an athletic scholarship and that is not a number you can easily neglect. There are also rumors that the sums that go around are in the ballpark of $1 Billion annually, so you could realistically get a scholarship that will cover all your costs.

The application process in the case of these grants is a bit different as coaches actively search for talents. Your best chance is to make yourself noticed locally and appear in the regional ranking list. Also you can prepare a performance DVD and don`t think that you don`t need to do well academically, on the contrary.

September 20th, 2013

You probably already know that you should get a scholarship or a bursary and you have a pretty good idea that you will get one, but you don`t know when it`s the best time to apply. Have you ever heard those students who say they can`t wait to get to their senior year so they can apply for scholarships? Let me tell you that these students are completely wrong and may have a lot to lose because of their mindset.

There are thousands of scholarship programs that you can target when you are in middle school, high school, elementary school or college. There are funding programs out there for just about everyone. You should start the search for a scholarship as early as possible. And getting a scholarship at one point in life may raise your chances of getting a scholarship later in life.

The best time to start looking for a bursary or scholarship is as early on as possible. You must realize that there are many rumors online that getting a bursary or scholarship is impossible or very hard. That is because people who don`t get one start complaining more and are the loudest. The ones that do get a bursary are usually very grateful and do not brag about it, you hear less about them (apart from specialized forums) and you think that they do not exist at all while the reality is completely different. Never assume that you will not be eligible or accepted. Applying, as hard as it can be, is much better than gathering a huge student loan debt.

If you are wondering when you should start to apply this year the answer is as soon as possible. Your chances of getting a bursary will increase exponentially if you are one of the first who apply. Bursaries are means-tested and the funds are limited. If you apply late you may find that you were eligible for these funds, but you are just too late there and the funds were already allocated. Research bursaries a year before you want to apply and find out when registration will open so you can be among the first ones to apply. It`s never too early to start avoiding future debt.

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