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July 31st, 2014
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Nowadays many people decide to take a slight or prompt movement to their prosperity. The cultural environment for them is dotted with many opportunities, either inner or outer, to progress. Borders are open and everyone who wishes to exceed oneself and get all advantages of that adventurous matrix should travel, develop and communicate with more people even of another cultures. Only this way he/she manages to capture all nuances of the world, taking the spur to develop himself / herself and grow. So, it seems that Travel, inside and outside, inspires you to be a better person.

For that reason, many young people all over the world are encouraged to study at a university after they graduate high school. Some of them pick up foreign countries and universities of their own, others – locals. But in every case, it is clear that they contribute to their self-esteem and self-awareness. In this way, they feel more useful and satisfied either as citizens of the world or as individuals.

Once they direct their steps toward, they put themselves in another social environment that often holds out more chances and new conception of the world. By that physical change they may receive more provoking message that can pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Being very assiduous, students achieve success and there is a material reward for their devotion and sincerity. That is the bursary which is given in each university – the material pay-off for their work. It sounds inspiring and it is a sheer motivation for them. Bursary might be of more physical entity- grant, or for success – scholarship. It motivates them to study hard, to compete and to enhance. Yet, it is obvious that time is money and students need them to live up on their everyday life in order that they will feel calm and more productive if they are provided for. So, the more students advance, the more productive, full member they become. That reflects their lifestyle and self-awareness, then attitude toward society. Having felt productive, they evolve into happy and confident people who overcome all obstacles and land luxurious and progressing occupation. Their experience sounds as if it is a song of struggle for recognition, and of asserting their position in society.

It appears that current touches of the world make more and more people realize possibilities for growth and challenges which reveals. Being opened for new opportunities, they feel how important it is for them to develop and study new brands then they push out to new limitless horizon and contribute to humankind. That life worth living.

June 25th, 2014

If you are Canadian student and you are looking for opportunities to continue your education and it has some connection with finances you should take a look at this bursary. My Canada Payday is a licensed Payday Lender since 2008 that supports educational bursaries, non-profit organizations and other charitable causes in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

This year it gives $500 educational bursary to individual that attends or plan to attend a college or university program in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Ontario or Saskatchewan. If you apply in a program in school out of these provinces, you should give a statement that explains why the program is not offered there. Also the program’s field of study should be relevant My Canada Payday’s core businesses.

To apply you should fill online application form here: http://www.mycanadapayday.com/donation_form.html and add short 500 words essay explaining why you should get the bursary and how your field of study is related to the site’s core businesses. Describe your goals, fill complete contact information – your name, email address and phone number, tell them why you are the right candidate and what is your plan to use this bursary, how it is going to reflect your life and how it’s going to reflect to the community that you are part of.

The primary criterion to get this bursary is demonstrable financial need. Also you need to have acceptable grades from your course of study. The residents of Surrey, BC/ Vaughan, Ontario/ Dartmouth, Nova Scotia /Saskatoon, Saskatchewan will have preferences when the choice is made. Also it can help you if you have leadership skills and history of community involvement.

You can apply till October 1st, 2014.

Your application will be considered individually and you will receive a response. Keep in mind that you will need to wait at least four weeks for the evaluation of your request.

Also if you have any questions regarding this bursary you can send a mail to communityinvolvement [@] mycanadapayday . com.

Good luck with the application!

April 21st, 2014

If you’ve always dreamed of travelling abroad and you are looking for financial support for education, an idea is to look for an internship in another country. Interning abroad will take your studying abroad to a completely new level.

Not only will you live and study in a foreign country, but you will also work there, building multinational connections and living a genuine cultural experience. And all this can be cost-free, if you find the right bursary program.

There are, of course, different types of internships, offering partial financial coverage or all-inclusive internship programs, in which case you will just have to worry about doing a good job and enjoying the internship time. Some internship programs have a wide variety of activities during the weekends, in order to make sure you get the most out of your experience abroad.

There are many websites available now that will help you find a company that is willing to facilitate you a spot, in exchange for your skills and aptitudes. The internship programs can place students in the field of their choice, after filling the required detailed information. The placements are tailored to the student’s interests, background and experience, which is great. Also, participating in such a program will set you apart from the competition, when you will consider getting a job.

Many of the internship programs include accommodation at a local family or group housing, support services and also social and cultural activities.

In the end, pursuing a paid international internship is a great way to further your education and also to make the dream of travelling come true.

April 14th, 2014
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Today, there are so many types of scholarships, that no matter what you are studying or you are passionate about, it is very likely for you to find a program, a scholarship or a workshop that will help you improve your skills.
The most common could be the academic scholarships, also known as the merit scholarships. These are usually very well known in the community and are considered to be prestigious. The scholarship is awarded based on some merits, whether is the grades, the special skills in a field or a particular extracurricular activity.

Another common financial aid is the performance scholarship. This kind of scholarship takes into consideration various factors, such as your leadership background and skills, the community services you provided, the score of a particular test and so on.

The scholarship for minorities is another scholarship you hear of quite often. Students of a large variety of ethnicities from many different countries can benefit from it. A large number of scholarships are destined for students from specific ethnic groups, such as Africans, Caucasians or Indians.

In the past few years, we’ve heard more and more often about the scholarships and programs especially for women. These scholarships are available in almost every field, if you search well enough.

Creativity scholarships are also available out there for the artistic souls. If you are interested in arts in general, or in a more specific field, such as contemporary dance, all kinds of music types and instruments, painting and so on, you will easily find a program to suit you.

If you find yourself in any of the situations above, you can rest assured there is a scholarship out there for you. All you need to do if look for it well enough.

April 7th, 2014
Comments Off on Learning A Foreign Language With A Scholarship

If you are eager to learn a foreign language or to study it thoroughly, you should know there are many free programs and workshops and also scholarships available for that.

Knowing a foreign language, other than English, that almost everyone can speak these days, can definitely make a difference in various situations, for example when applying for a job.. Fluency in another language is also a great plus when you are already employed, but looking for a promotion. Your employer will certainly pick you over your colleagues for a training course or for a better job offer in Austria, if you can speak German.

Overall, when it comes to work, knowing a foreign language will totally increase the attractiveness of your resume and bring your name in the top of the list.

In many countries, cultural institutes periodically organize foreign languages classes for free, for people to try out and then continue with the full program, if they like it. Libraries and other institutions can also have this kind of classes. Here is an example of a workshop you can attend, if in Houston:


And here are some scholarships for foreign languages for students:





We will keep you posted on other great ways to learn foreign languages for free.

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