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September 20th, 2016

AIA/AAF Minority Disadvantaged Scholarship Program 

Since architecture programs are one of the hardest to come by, especially for their financial requirements. The AIA/AAF push the idea of low-income students being able to achieve a professional degree within architecture design. Eligibility comes down to whether or not you are a minority or have a financially disadvantage background status. Yet another added requirement is that you must be a native of the United States, as of right now this is not open to international students. However, that could change with time.

The AIA/AAF is open to high school students as well as individuals in their first year of college. Whether your schooling is from a college, technical or community college…either of those possibilities will be acceptable.


Jason Pettigrew ARE Award 

Here is a program that ideal scouts out the intern who has  solved foundation when it comes to architectural design. By actively seeking out current and graduated students, the Jason Pettigrew ARE Award acknowledges the hard work and time spent on working towards a prestigious degree. Once spotted for the ARE Award it is the goal of the organization to fully help with the cost of the licensure exam.

Now the Jason Pettigrew ARE Award does not look at low-income or high-income boundaries. Their main focus is the effort the individual has contributed and worked towards within the architectural world.

If you know an individual who has worked diligently without complaint and intends to work even further within the field of architecture. This is a must need advancement of notification as well as an added awarded which will help with the enormous cost that some of these exams can be.


ACI Graduate Scholarship Program 

The ACI Graduate Program picks out five individuals per year to receive a $3,000 accredited amount towards their first year as an architectural graduate. However, even an amount up to $5,000 could be awarded. If you are just now reading this, the deadline for the ACI Program is October 16, 2016.

Luckily right on the website you can sign up for a newsletter directed solely at the particular scholarship you are interested in and the deadline information. Click here to sign up: Sign up for the full scholarship deadline information

Since architecture is a known business for costing a substantial amount, long hours and building a foundation of clients via a networking system; being a reliant and dedicated architectural student is a must. If that did not resonate at all then skip this program, this is for the hardworking individual indebted to a career in which they are aiming high within the upcoming world of architecture entrepreneurs.

With these 3 possibilities within the architecture area, programs as such are hard to come by. With many based in law, science and math…finding a sole balance with architecture can be challenging. Hopefully this small list can point any architecture student in the correct direction in which they should pursue. Check on fastweb.com for more information about which universities could be handing out architecture based scholarships.


September 14th, 2016

These 3 international scholarships are only for the female gender. To provide a unique experience abroad, here is the short list of possibilities for female students.

Society of Women Engineers 

If you have already decided on engineering as the degree of your choice, look no further. The SWE instigates the ABET accredited graduate (Bachelor) individual programs for a woman geared towards computer science and engineering technology. While engineering schooling is scarce for women, this is an excellent program equipped with the developmental tools to educate within the highest accredited degree.

Before submitting and clicking on the application button, SWE have a video for you to watch before hand. The video allows the student to check in to see if they in fact would be eligible to proceed with the application process.

Here is the link to the application page: Application Procedure Scroll down to the How to Apply for a SWE Scholarship – Part 1 drop down menu. From there you will be guided towards filling out the application.

Beautiful female engineer looking away in shipping yard


CLS Program (The Critical Language Scholarship Fund) 

The CLS Scholarship insists to improve the advancement of individuals going abroad to learn various languages. By doing so, the CLS program promotes the use of multiple languages to connect their students to the rest of the world.

When it comes to applying the program requires a number of various background qualifications and the dedication to speak different languages other than your native tongue at the highest registered point. Now this one is available to U.S. applicants so far, however as the growth of CLS improves, going international is a short amount away. Keep your eye on this one for any updates regarding international students.


Photo Credit : lipscomb.edu

MMEG Margaret McNamara Education Grant 

Dedication is the heart and soul of the MMEG organization. By empowering women with the right educational background, this grant and scholarship is awarded to women in developing countries. Looking towards the future and communities that benefit from the female gender being educated and sent to the best universities within the United States.

 For over 35 years the remarkable amount of graduates who went on to accomplish and change the world for the better is a staggering number! From local nurses to scientists looking to improve developing nations around the globe. The MMEG has to the be the number one recommended grant/scholarship for any woman wanting to change the grounds on which she was born upon.

Many of their graduates have gone into the medical field, researching and inventing new medicines based around HIV/Aids and even working on the front lines within the reaches of war based countries.

So what would be a few of the requirements towards applying. One big requirement is that you must be 25 when the deadline approaches for the application. Must be a native to one of the countries listed here: List of Countries for Eligbility

And the individual must be already enrolled to a school/college or university before applying. Women from the US and Canada can apply as well, there is however a separate section for these applicants.


September 8th, 2016

VLIR-UOS Scholarships

Generally scholarships focus on a single setting or subject. VLIR-UOS zones in on the local change of the world and a fairly remarkable trade within human resources. Before thinking about applying for the VLIR-UOS scholarship check out their list of master and training programs here: List Of Available Training and Master Programs

With the list of master and training programs available to you, being able to narrow down exactly which one you intend to dedicated your schooling towards. Applying for a program is restricted to one individual for a single year. As well as being notified if you have been selected, you send receive an email confirmation fairly soon after submitting an application. If not contact the program you’ve submitted towards.

VLIR-UOS aims to improve the develop of countries who struggle to find a their footing in the advanced western world. VLIR-UOS stands up by announcing their reasons for working with not only other colleges but other countries; taken from the homepage website is a short description… VLIR-UOS supports partnerships between universities and university colleges, in Flanders and in the South, looking for innovative responses to global and local challenges.


Photo credit : hr.berkeley.edu

INSEAD: Business School For The World Scholarship

Business if always linked to top ivy league universities in the United States but what about the rest of the world where a business education of the highest form can be guaranteed? INSEAD’s MBA reputation is as remarkable as the students who graduate. While INSEAD is aimed towards students in developing countries seeking to not only understand the laws of business but to build their own career path with the right tools within the constructions of business. If this MBA sounds a little too good to be true just check out Forbes since the university was listed as one of the top most respected MBA additions in 2014 and 2015.

The sheer advantage that INSEAD brings to the table is their network access. With a connection to over 170 countries with CEO’s to small business owners, INSEAD is the number one leading business school in Asia and Europe.

Another fantastic note is the flexible curriculum which was pointed out since a vast majority of their students relocate or take classes online; but INSEAD wants you to have a real out in the field experience. By educating their students outside of the classroom and in their career field, the astonishing number of graduating individuals has skyrocketed.


DAAD The internationalization agency of Scholarships

Stationed in Germany, this is for any student who plans on studying in Germany, studying the language as well as German studies. Where the student will engage in the education, development and cultural appreciation for the country. This scholarship is open to developing countries and has been established since 1925. Even better is the steps guided page which ensures exactly what a foreign student should be looking for, call it a checklist of sorts. Here is the link to that page: 10 Steps To Germany

The calculated effort the DAAD has established is far from ordinary. This is an educated council who solely wishes to educate their students to the highest degree. With the varying degrees, picking only one may be the trickiest part.


August 22nd, 2016

While uncovering active scholarships, one must remember to have an outline idea about their own credentials and where they intend to further the career they have chosen. Given the subjects are about science, technology, math, agriculture, medical, law and so on and so forth. So many scholarships are available today than in the last 5 years. Here are three scholarships that tend to each focus on one specific career.

The Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship is dedicated to awarding $500 to any student, in any field of study but must be attending a college full time or part time basis within January of 2017. While the scholarship is not to detailed, maintaining a routine 3.0 grade average, a U.S or Canadian citizen taking a gander at the application may end up being the needed scholarship on your list. However, in an essay section one must write how Physical Therapy can maintain and improve another’s day to day life. This would be excellent for anyone intending to attract a medical degree in their near future. The application is located here: Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship


Photo Credit: http://arcticchiropracticjuneau.com/

How has education impacted your life? Seems like a fairly simple question, yet education is slipping between our fingers every year. Hit The Books Scholarship intensifies the need for education and textbooks which offers students the right to learn and grow from the intend subject. The Hit The Books Scholarship is opened twice a year in January and September. By contributing to the educative nature, you must be anywhere from the ages of 18 to 25 to apply. It must be noted as well that the $500 issued to the winner, must spend the exact amount on textbooks as receipts will be needed for proof. Another added bonus is that the foundation wants a follow up blog post about how (for the winner) this scholarship helped to further an education they may otherwise not have had to begin with. The application form is located here: More Info on Hit The Books Scholarship Furthermore, you must submit the applicant essay to this email address: Info@CoffeeForLess.com


Photo Credit: http://usascholarships.com/

Lastly, this scholarship comes in at $1000 based on promoting engineering in schools. The Real World Design Challenge has been crafted towards high school students and is currently still in the expanding stages of the engineering world. Recently the challenges have been stationed mainly on aerospace but as the field grows and teachers have jumped on board to help their students craft an appetite for science engineering opportunities, this scholarship should not be overlooked. Matter of fact if a education worker decides to join the organization receives a sum of $1 million in training, courses, equipment and mentors. This is not only for students but the educators as well wanting to expand the minds of their pupils. Even better The Real World Design Challenge is expanding internationally!

This is collective effort for the educator and their students, to take a step forward here is a click to further understand and enter The Real World Design Challenge:Getting Started



August 18th, 2016

Scholarships are an extremely essential tool to helping students all over to further their current dream to accomplishing a desired goal. These three scholarships differ from one another, however taking a look at the fine detail may determine which one could be beneficial to you.

The American Dream Award Scholarship aims to fulfill the goal of helping any second year college or higher class individual. The foundation understands that most scholarships only offer a year based, full paid scholarship, which ends up leaving the student paying for the left over portion of their college career. The American Dream Award has handed out awards in the subject areas of World Journalism, Math, Financial, Science and Technology. As for requirements, a grade point average of 3.0 and over is a necessity, the fact that the individual has already decided to attend another full year of college and a current U.S. citizen. Currently the application page will not be opened until October, however the foundation has been kind enough to have a test trial section to see if you qualify. Here is the link to The American Dream Award Scholarship:

Click Here for The American Dream Award Scholarship Application


Photo Credit : http://scholarshipamerica.org/

An impactful scholarship is the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which aims to not only take care of their students education but sends their student to the top colleges they know their students will excel. Thurgood Marshall is named after the first African-American U.S. Supreme Court Justice becoming actively involved in every Historically Black College and University or better known as HBCUs. Furthermore with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund intends to change the world, with their motto being Changing the World… One Leader at a Time, the scholarship has already begun and ensures the idea that no law or medical school is out of reach.  By gifting a college that normally would seem out of anyone’s price range, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund grants the right to attend at an affordable amount. With a number of varying awards, scholarships and funds here is the link to the entire page listing them out:

Current Scholarships 


Photo Credit: http://www.afscme.org/

Being an active military individual or with family members that happen to be, going back to school or continuing a college education can prove to be difficult. Being able to cover the cost on top of helping to support a family can be a true struggle. The AFCEA Military Personnel/Dependent Scholarship is trusted to pay tuition, fees, books and any continuing schooling left over. However if an individual is a freshman or senior, you will be seen as ineligible. This scholarship has some strict guidelines to ensure that the right individuals are given the amounts deserved. Even online classes may be issued out. While many individuals have become War Veterans over the last 10 years, this scholarship is aimed to help anyone within the specific guidelines of active duty to honorable discharged Veterans. Here is the application  form: AFCEA War Veterans Scholarships, Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans 

24x72 AFCEA NOVA banner on white

Photo Credit: http://www.afcea.org/

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